iCub participates at the "Fiesta de la Ciencia y la Tecnología". Barcelona, 15-16 June 2013

To see a humanoid robot  interact with humans through music and dance gently over the notes of "Casta Diva" captures the attention and imagination of children as well adults in a very positive way.  This is exactly what happened at the "Fiesta de la Ciencia y la Tecnología" f(c+t) that took place in Barcelona on the 15th and 16th o June.

SPECS participates with the robot iCub
For f(c+t)  the research group SPECS, from UPF [N-RAS and DTIC],  presented the humanoid robot iCub in an installation aimed at showing the interaction between robots and humans in a social context such as “game play”.
To facilitate the realization of "game-like" interactions with the iCub robot, a mixed-reality interaction paradigm was adopted which made use of a table-top tangible interface system called "Reactable" which “per se” is a music instrument.
Specifically, the game is a DJ collaborative game were the iCub stands next to the Reactable and interacts with a human partner in order to create music together.
During the two days of the festival, the iCub also performed a sequence of dance movements while listening to music. This dancing performance shows the emotional capability of the iCub robot plus shows a full range of its motors capabilities.

The iCub had the pleasure to meet Jaume Ciurana, the deputy mayor of Culture, Knowledge and Innovation of Barcelona. read more....

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